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Bedroom Interior Decorating

Paint your bedroom a warm color. Add night stands, art and flowers.

Where are daily first and last impressions made?

Give your bedroom a sensual serenity, turn it to a private sanctuary adding details and treatments that are personal and chic. Bedrooms are meant for sleeping, reading, reflecting, romancing, recharging your batteries , escaping from the cares of the day.The quality of sleeping you receive every day in you bedroom is very important for your happiness, health and productivity.

To create your perfect bedroom, you must think about what you like to do in your bedroom and define a style appropriated. Consider your bedroom like a sacred retreat. It's very important that your connection with every object in your bedroom elicits a positive, nurturing response.A cozy, sensual bedroom atmosphere invites complete rest and rejuvenation of your body, mind and spirit.

Top priorities to turn your bedroom into an intimate, relaxing place

  • Paint the walls a warm, inviting color.
  • Choose linens in delicious colors and sensuous textures.
  • Purchase night stands and lamps if you don't have any, choose the color that energizes you and lift your spirit.
  • Choose bedroom art that inspires you and make you dream.
  • Buy scented candles.
  • Listen to soft music.

Cleanse your bedroom of item that keep negative memories and associations alive, and you find that your bedroom will embrace and revitalize. The comfort and safety you feel in the world is directly connected to how safe and comfortable you feel in your home, bedrooms should be especially so. Here is the place to plunge on fabrics that are sensual, including chenille, flannel, silk, cotton, satin, and velvet.

View from the bed is very important, put a frame, a piece of art, a vase of flowers that inspires you and makes you dream. The art in your bedroom makes a strong impact on your psyche, make it a positive one. Include sensual, serene or romantic images that calm and inspire you. If you want to honor the five senses, focus on creating truly sensual environments. Whether single or coupled, your bedroom should be a place where all yours senses are comforted and intimately celebrated. Light a scented candle, play bedroom music, and relax. This is your oasis in which to have treats that you enjoy.

As always be sure your choice turns you on.

The best bedroom colors are found in the skin tones of all races, pearly beiges and tans, creamy cocoas, blushing pinks and peaches, subtle yellows, pale violets, and earthy reds. There are a wide variety of warm pastel colors, as well as more pigmented rich tone such as coral, chocolate, butter cream, terra-cotta, cinnabar, raspberry, aubergine, burgundy, copper, gold and bronze. Pure white, gray, black, blues, and gray greens can create a gorgeous look, but when they dominate, they make the room to chilly to be sensual. If your bedroom is decorated in cool colors, bring in complementary warm tones. This can be done in many ways: a new coat of paint, sheets, lamp, pillows, throws, art, comforters, slipcover, rugs, tablecloths, flowers, candles, vases.

Contemplative exercise

What are some of the most enjoyable ways to soothe your senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste?

Make a list of what engages and delights each sense, and add to it as you think of new ideas.

If you share a bedroom, ask your partner what he or she is sensually nurtured by, and incorporate those ideas as well. You should be struck with the sensual qualities of your bedroom every morning and night.

Avoid television in the bedroom. Most television programming consists of either action stories or bad news, neither of which is conductive to deep, restorative sleep. What we need before sleep is inspiration, and tranquility. Before retiring at night, consider writing in your journal, reading, or reflecting on your day, rather than watching television. If you have one, store it in an armoire or cabinet. Television can affect your relationship with your partner. The bedroom reflects the couple relationship.

Many couples don't realize that an environment can strengthen and nourish, or dampen. and weaken, their intimacy. Place importance on your bedroom environment and connect with one another.The bedroom makes an impression. The more active or "crazy" a couple life's style is, the more crucial it is that they have a private and appealing bedroom sanctuary in which to, rejuvenate in intimacy.

Along with those previous suggestions, couples can nurture and enhance intimacy by thoughtfully sewing some very special threads into the fabric of their bedrooms.

Comfort is the prevailing language of all well designed bedrooms. How it is translated and interpreted depends upon the individual. To some, soothing, soft and serene is comforting. To others, clean lined clarity is the most relaxing; while still others find plush, sumptuous opulence the most blissful.

Bedroom is individual, to create yours, simply "follow your dreams" and use details to bring it to life.

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