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Select your fixtures

The bathroom is the place where we retreat ritually for bathing, pampering and relaxing. Make all bathrooms beautiful, whether you're looking for ideas for a new bath or just refreshing your current one, we just give you creative inspiration, and simple, practical advice for large or small bathroom.

Create a comfortable, casual bathing spaces with ease and style just with a fresh coat of paint, new bathroom linens, candles, art and plants. A quick change to the quality of the room's light, accomplished through new window treatments, mirrors, bulbs, or light fixtures themselves, can completely change the atmosphere of the bathroom. Every space offers individual opportunities for style.

Bathroom Sink TopSelect the fixtures: the sink, tub, toilet and shower. Fixtures are the bathroom jewelry, and show your style. Fixtures are vessels and they come in a variety of materials, shapes, styles, sizes, colors, and finishes. Newly minted designs or reproductions of older ones, you have to choose the fixtures that you love. Selecting the fixtures and fittings is one of the pleasures of planning a bathroom. Even if you're not installing new fixtures, you can still accessorize. The fittings-the tabs and spouts, the faucetry are the jewelry of the bathroom, the decorative hardware that controls, mixes and direct the water flow- they are often made of combination of materials, from metals to semi-precious stones, porcelain and glass. Their range will inspire you to dress your bathroom up or down, according to your own style. Small details count as much as large ones, search for towel bars, drawer pulls, paper holders, medicine cabinets and mirrors that add personality.

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Tub and shower

It is essential, and possible, to fit comfortably in the space where you bathe. When selecting a tub, be sure that you can submerge comfortably, with your shoulders well under the rim and legs extended. Today the sizes have increase greatly from vintage and mid-century designs. The shower may be sited with the tub or given its own stall, but either case you can place the shower and head at the height you want.

Sink and toilet

sink present tremendous design opportunity with a range of shapes, sizes, materials, and structures to choose from: old, new, or repurposed, porcelain, metal, glass, or stone. When choosing a sink, consider the height of those who will be using it. When selecting a toilet, choose a model that flushes powerfully and fills quietly.

Faucet and fitting basics

"fittings" is the technical term for all faucets, spouts, spigots, handles, tub fillers, and other hardware that move water to and away from a fixture. Lower spouts, whether straight or curved, offer an increased rush of water but less clearance, and so require deeper bowls. To avoid splashes, make sure the spout is log enough to overhang the rim of the basin and pour directly into the drain.